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Right On Time Since 1979

Hollis Transport Agency, Inc. is the supermarket of carriers, both for regional and long-haul needs.  Hollis Transport Agency, Inc. was built on the reputation of quality service and the attainment of customer satisfaction.  We are committed to these goals.

"We're as good . . .
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June 2014 Hollis Transport has appointed Scott Fulbright as our new Safety/Quality Manager. He will be overseeing our Food Grade Warehousing division in Flowery Branch, GA. 

May 2014 We are pleased to welcome our new chief financial officer, Randi Dyer to the Hollis team. She brings years of experience in financial leadership roles to the company.

November 2013 Hollis Transport adapts to the new CSA rules and provides training to their employees and drivers. CSA is..........A Change to Save Lives: With Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), together with State Partners and industry, is working to further reduce commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes, fatalities, and injuries on our nation's highways.

July 2013 Hollis Transport expands their Flowery Branch facility again by adding 50,000 sq ft of new warehouse space! "Our customers push us once again to expand our warehousing operation, and we certainly listen to them when they speak," commented Brian Hollis.

January 20, 2013
Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce Selects Hollis Transport as One of Three Top Industries of the Year. Read Full Article>>

January 2013 Hollis Transport expands their Gainesville, Ga warehouse division by 126,000 sq ft. The new facility boasts over 20 dock doors and is strategically located right off the interstate near downtown Gainesville, Ga.

July 2012 Hollis Transport and Distribution expands their warehouse space by adding 100,000 sq feet on their facility in Flowery Branch, Ga. The entire new building was built to strict food grade standards, is climate controlled, and has 80 skylights to conserve energy.

11-18-2011 Hollis Transport & Distribution Expands Further Into Asian Markets

Hollis Transport & Distribution has always been on the cutting edge in the distribution business in the USA.  "We're now ready to take our company global and expand further into the Asian markets," stated company President Brian Hollis.  Hollis Transport & Distribution has agreed through a local college to help educate a class of Asian
students on transportation and distribution."  We're always looking ahead to the future in our business and it's a perfect situation for us and the students to work together," commented General Manager Alan Kocina.  "Hollis Transport & Distribution already has several Asian customers and this program will enable us to open up communications with our current customers as well as with new ones,"  Brian continued.

10-2-2011 Hollis Transport donates their distribution services to help feed the hungry in Northeast Georgia! 

Georgia Mountain Food Bank"I was blind to the idea that there were starving people in our local community," stated company President Brian Hollis.  "Hollis Transport has a food grade distribution division, and it was a perfect opportunity to help feed thousands of people."  Kay Blackstock is the director of The Georgia Mountain Food Bank in Gainesville, and she is the driving force behind this program.  "Without Kay's vision and determination this program would have never gotten off the ground," Brian continued.  Hollis Transport will be donating their employees, warehouses, forklifts, and trucks, to make this very important program successful.  "We have the most dedicated employees, customers and vendors in the world, and it is a no-brainer to share our great fortunes with others," said Brian.

6-25-2011 Hollis Transport and Distribution expands into outer space with a new web based inventory system.

Hollis Distribution customers will be able to view their inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  "We've been working on this internet-based inventory system for over a year," stated Brian Hollis.  "All of our distribution customers will be able to see their inventory from a computer anywhere in the world," Brian continued.  The new Inventory Pro System is completely internet-based, and a simple click of the mouse will allow customers to see their product transactions.  "Customers will log in to our web site using a personal username and password.  This will allow them to access our state-of-the-art inventory system," said General Manager, Alan Kocina.

4-15-11 Hollis Transport hits the road in a 1980 Peterbilt 359 Show Truck!  "I grew up riding with my dad in a 1957 Kenworth, and when I saw this 28-year-old Peterbilt, I knew it would be added to our fleet," said Brian Hollis.  Hollis Transport has been in business for 29 years and primarily runs day cabs in Georgia, but keep your eye out for this truck out on Americas Highway!  "We're going to selectively haul some long haul loads and present a great image for the company at the same time," Brian continued.  The Peterbilt will primarily stay domiciled at their terminal in Flowery Branch, Georgia, but every now and then, it will hit the open road with company President Brian Hollis behind the wheel!

4-9-11 David Southers has been promoted to the 48 State Brokerage Division www.48StateTrucking.com "I've personally worked with David for 15 years in the LTL and Warehousing division," said Brian Hollis.  "David will compliment our logistics staff and I'm excited about working with him directly in the office."

Erin Riemenschneider joins the Hollis Transport and Distribution staff!  "Erin is the daughter of our General Manager Alan Kocina and she will compliment our customer service staff," stated Brian Hollis. 



2-19-11  Hollis Transport and Distribution is getting ready to break ground on their new 100,000 sq ft distribution center!  "Our faithful customers and employees have blessed us once again," stated Brian Hollis.  "We've seen a tremendous amount of growth over the past year in our storage business and we're going to build a brand new facility on our property here in Flowery Branch, Georgia."  The new facility will include climate control, sophisticated inventory systems that customers can access their inventory 24 hours a day, and many unique features never seen in the distribution business.  Jason Bowen of JEB Enterprises is the contractor and is well known locally for building a great building and getting the job completed on time.

Hollis Logo2-18-11 Hollis Transport & Distribution is making a change in it's appearance, and the first thing you'll notice is the new logo.  "I designed the old logo back in 1988, and I felt like it was time to make a change," replied Brian Hollis.  Our entire company is constantly updating with all of the technology available today, and I felt like it was time to update our image also," Brian continued.

12-21-10 Hollis Transport & Distribution has just been awarded the highest possible rating by the American Institute of Commercial Warehousing.  "We just took our warehousing and distribution business to a whole new level.  We're the only warehouse in Northeast Georgia that has achieved this prestigious award, and it's a great honor to achieve it," stated Brian Hollis.  The food grade guidelines include a strict cleanliness and organizational routine as well as a complete audit of the facility.

3-1-10 Hollis Distribution Services is expanding their warehouse by 35,000 square feet.  "We've picked up some new customers and some of our established customers have also increased their business " , replied Brian Hollis. "We'll also begin our 2nd phase of construction once the 35,000 square feet is completed" said Brian. The Hollis facility sits on 25 acres and plans are to continue to build warehouses and develop an industrial park. The newly named park will be called " Falcons Corner Industrial Park"!

1-16-10 Hollis Transport contracts with Top Hat Media Group to take care of their customers on hold.  "It's inevitable that sooner or later you'll have to be put on hold when you call Hollis Transport, but have no fear, we have taken steps to overcome that boredom." says Brian Hollis.  Top Hat Media Group produces a custom on-hold "story."  It's not that annoying elevator music, it's an interesting biography of the company.  The somewhat comical voice of Bud Mercer is pleasing to the ears, and customers often request to be put back on hold.  "Keep in mind that we don't have voice mail, and Top Hat Media Group will keep you entertained if you have to be put on hold!" replied Brian Hollis.

1-15-10  Mark Adams recently celebrated 25 years of employment with Hollis Transport.  "Mark Adams is a role model to me and our company," stated Brian Hollis.  "Mark's commitment to our company has never wandered, and he's always been highly respected for that," said Brian.  Mark has a beautiful wife and 3 lovely daughters and a son.  "They should be proud of their father!" Brian went on to say.

8-30-09  Hollis Transport just purchased a new fleet of 53 ft air ride trailers.  "We are purchasing new equipment to keep up with the growing demand of our customers," declared Brian Hollis.  "We are approaching our 28th year of business and we have always maintained top of the line equipment in our operation."

5-19-09  eShippingCompany.com was founded to provide the online internet customer with a single source for crating and shipping their e-sales.  Don't let crating and shipping hold up your e-sales!  We are a single source provider and offer the following services:
  • Custom Crating and Packaging (no job too big or small)
  • Expedited Ground & Air Shipments
  • Convenient Local Drop Off Site & Pickup @ Your Home or Office (liftgate trucks)
  • Proactive Shipment Updating
  • Oversized Packages Our Specialty
  • Storage Of Your Shipment Until You're Ready To Ship
eShippingCompany.com provides ground and air transportation to all 48 continental United States , Canada and Mexico.  We specialize in making your post internet sales a breeze. Please take time to visit us and check out our unique distribution facility.  We can solve all of your crating and shipping needs!  We also have a combined work force with w/ over 100 years of shipping experience!

New Hollis Transport Agency Campus4-1-09 Hollis Transport continues their growth pattern by purchasing a new state of the art distribution facility.  The new building contains over 100,000 sq foot of warehouse space and approx 10,000 sq foot of office space.  An additional 25 acres of land was also purchased for future growth.  This facility will be the home office for the LTL Division , Truckloads and Distribution.  "We are proud to be in Flowery Branch, and now we can easily serve our customers with our state of the art facility" stated Brian Hollis. 

Kipper Tool Moving Billboard12-19-08 Hollis Transport is pleased to announce they will be providing Kipper Tool Company with a moving 53ft billboard that will be traveling throughout the state of Georgia.  "Kipper Tool Company has been an excellent customer for many years, and we are more than willing to assist them with their marketing campaign" declared Brian Hollis.  Please go to www.KipperTool.com for more information.  View Pictures

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